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This article will be a useful overview for those looking to:

  • Justify the investment in intent data tech to the leadership
  • Benchmark marketing and sales performance and how it’s impacted by the use of intent data
  • Understand if it’s the right time to integrate intent data as part of your go-to-market strategy
  • See how other marketers, sales professionals and company founders use intent data and quantify its business impact.


All the stats are taken from publicly available and up-to-date sources: no paid gated PDFs and rabbit holes leading to a report from 2013.

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Usage Trends For Intent Data

Intent data tech is used in 40-60% of ABM programs (source: ITSMA and ABMLA study)

58% of ABM leaders say they use intent data to support their ABM programs (source: ITSMA and ABMLA study)

Almost 70% of marketers plan on increasing spend on intent data next year (source: Inside Intent Data)

Among the marketers who haven’t invested in intent, 50% plan on doing so next year (source: Inside Intent Data)

60% of marketing and sales leaders are planning to increase the use of intent data in their go-to-market strategies (source: State Of Intent Data)

34% of marketing and sales leaders are only planning to start using intent data as part of their go-to-market motion (source: State Of Intent Data)

Only 6% of marketing and sales professionals are planning to reduce, minimize or stop using intent data in 2023 and 2024 (source: State Of Intent Data)

70% of B2B marketers that use intent data rate their digital marketing strategy as very successful, compared to 33% among non-users (source: Orbitmedia)

Who’s Using Intent Data

In the organizations that use intent data, 94% have marketing team as the primary users (source: State Of Intent Data)

In 81% of organizations that are aware about intent data it’s also being used by sales (source: State Of Intent Data)

In 17% of the organizations, operations (sales, revenue, and marketing ops) are active users of intent data tools (source: State Of Intent Data)

Marketing team is typically the budget holder for intent data tools, reported by 66% of respondents (source: State Of Intent Data)

In 13% of the organizations, sales control the budget for intent data tech, followed by operations (11%), CEO (6%), growth and customer success (4%) (source: State Of Intent Data)

75% of companies use more than two types of intent data: first-party (owned data like website visits, ad clicks, form fills) and third-party (G2 intent, Bombora, N.Rich, etc.)  (source: State Of Intent Data)

Main Use Cases Of Intent Data

98% say intent data is essential for demand generation (source: Inside Intent Data)

69% use intent data for lead and account prioritization, followed by improving the accuracy and efficiency of sales outreach (48%) and increasing marketing campaign performance (40%)  (source: State Of Intent Data)

50% of sales leaders use intent data to improve account prioritization (source: Demandscience)

10% use intent data for better marketing&sales alignment (source: State Of Intent Data)

Intent data can be used by customer success to prevent churn (4%) or by the development team for better feature prioritization (source: State Of Intent Data)

Measuring The Business Impact Of Intent Data

Utilizing intent data can improve ad CTR by 220% (source: Foundry)

Intent-based ads can reduce cost-per-conversion by 59.6% (source: Foundry)

99% have seen a sales / ROI increase as a result of implementing intent data (source: Inside Intent Data)

32% see the biggest impact of intent data on conversion rates (source: State Of Intent Data)

16% measure the impact of intent data with influenced pipeline or influenced opportunities, followed by ROI/ROAS (14%), new SQLs/opps (9%) and new meetings booked (7%) (source: State Of Intent Data)

Only 4% are using complex metrics like sales/pipeline velocity to quantify the business impact of intent data (source: State Of Intent Data)

Main Issues Or Concerns Regarding Intent Data

51% of sales and marketing professionals are concerned about low quality of intent data, calling it outdated, incomplete, or incorrect (source: State Of Intent Data)

51% are concerned about the excessive cost of intent data (source: State Of Intent Data)

26% are concerned about the lack of understanding how to apply intent data in their go-to-market strategies (source: State Of Intent Data)

21% are concerned about the transparency of intent data model (source: State Of Intent Data)

Discover More About The Use Of Intent Data

Looking to implement intent data as part of your marketing mix but not sure how exactly to start? Check those two webinars:

“7 Ways To Use Intent Data In 2023 And 2024” with Adam Holmgren, founder of the Driving Demand community, and Yulia Olennikova, head of marketing at IntentHub and N.Rich.


“The Power of Intent Data in Driving Revenue and ROI” with Ali Kisaoglu, Marketing Strategist & Team Lead at Advance B2B, and Markus Ståhlberg, CEO and Co-founder of IntentHub and N.Rich


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